Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce

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Kennel Club in Poland (ZKwP) - an organization associating breeders and dog lovers established on July 28, 1938[1]. The seat of the ZKwP is in Warsaw.

In 1935, on the initiative of Maurycy Trybulski, the Interclub Kennel Committee was established, the aim of which was to create a nationwide canine federation, associating members of all canine organizations in Poland. This was a condition for joining the FCI.

The MKK was composed of the Polish Association of Purebred Dog Breeders from Warsaw, the Society of Service Dog Lovers from Warsaw, the Kennel Club of the "Łowiec Wielkopolski" Association from Poznań, the Kennel Club of the Greater Poland Hunters Association from Poznań, the Kennel Club from Toruń, the Pointer Club in Poland from Warsaw, the Setter Club in Poland from Warsaw, German Pointer Breeders Club from Warsaw, Peking Palace Dog Club, French Bulldog Club and Terrier Club.

On July 29, 1938, the Inter-Club Kennel Committee and the Association of Police Dog Breeders in Chorzów, at the meeting of representatives, adopted the statute of the Kennel Club in Poland under the name "Polish Kennel Club" and elected its first authorities (June 2, 1939 at the convention in Stockholm, it was admitted to the International Federation Kennel Club).

After World War II, it was reactivated on May 5, 1948. It became a member of the FCI ZKwP again on June 15, 1957.

In 1948, the first branches of the Union were established in Warsaw, Poznań, Inowrocław, Katowice and Bydgoszcz. Already in September 1948, the 1st National Dog Show in Wrocław was organized.

In 2004, ZKwP had about 40,000 members. members, concentrated in 47 local branches. In 2008, the ZKWP calendar included 124 exhibitions, including 12 international ones, where CACIB applications are awarded, 86 national ones and 25 club shows.

Fédération Cynologique Internationale 

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International Cynological Federation (FCI, Fédération Cynologique Internationale) based in Thuin, Belgium - the superior unit for the main canine organizations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand. Non-FCI countries include Albania, the United States and the United Kingdom. Not to be confused with Federación Canina Internacional (F.C.I.).

The FCI brings together members and the so-called contract partners. It has a number of internal structures - e.g. the Committee of Standards (standards), dealing with the development and codification of FCI Standards (FCI standards) - detailed descriptions of the characteristics of a given dog breed with the number under which it appears in the FCI registers (however, not all breeds have approved standards by the FCI - these are the so-called "non-recognized breeds"). FCI also patronizes International Dog Shows in member countries, agility competitions and other events involving purebred dogs. He runs a repertory of pedigree dog breeding.

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