About Me

My name is Bartosz (BART). I have been involved with dogs for 39 years. There have always been dogs in our home since I was born. Whether they are mongrel or purebred. I spent the first years of my life with a German Shepherd named Atos. Then a mongrel appeared in our house, which I found in the trash along with the whole litter.
Dunaj, our mongrel, has been with us for several years. Until a crazy driver took it from us, killing it with a car. Then, for a while, our house was a temporary home for many dogs in the area. When a dog needed help, we took him in, treated him and then looked for him a new loving home.


When I finished my education, I left in search of happiness in life. I settled in Chodzież. There I saved a litter of Akita puppies. When we found homes for the remaining puppies, we kept one white female. Her name was Luna (MOON). Thanks to Luna, I met Artur. The owner of a purebred male Japanese Akita. Artur told me then that I was one of the 3 people the Yukon accepted. We started going for walks, having adventures. Such as chasing a Yukon who smelled a deer and desperately wanted to get to know her better. You know how... Then a decision was made in my heart. I want a purebred Japanese Akita. in 2011 there were already 4 akitas in my house: Kouun, Shitaru, Mikomi & Sango. My family and I decided to start a farm. However, we spent the first 2 years on training, socialization and learning the breed. In 2014, I started traveling to Japan. Then we brought our first pair. Ginsai & Awashima. Two brindled beauties. 
During my visits to Japan, I received great education from breeders with many years of experience. My sensei has been breeding Akitas since the 90's. He has a lot of knowledge about Akita.
After many visits to the country of the Rising Sun. After many years of great breeding success. We are now where you met us. Together with my wife Bogusia, we plan to develop in the direction of Japanese breeds and give a home not only to Akitas but also to other breeds from the NIHON KEN group. And I will tell you about our project in the section below. We invite you.

Our Project


Little Japan in the middle of Europe.


under construction